Role in helping Democrats preserve and hold majorities for A lot of the 20th century — thanks in no small part to the party segregationist leaning.

Subsequently, In the early 1990s, the shift of the so-called”solid South” from Democratic to Republican was that the gas for the 1994 House takeover of the GOP And has continued to help the gains the party has made in the Senate over The previous two decades.

Here’s why: Based on new people numbers Released from the US Census Bureau on Thursday, 10 of the 15 Cities in America over the past decade are in the South. (“Big” cities are ones with over 50,000 residents.)

That contains three of the top four — all of which are in Texas: Frisco (No. 1, with a 71% population increase), New Braunfels (No. 3, 56% growth) and McKinney (No. 4, 51% increase ).

What That Southern population boom means in raw political terms is this: More districts.

North Carolina also is Very Likely to Pick up an additional seat.

The Of which side benefits from all of this increased political question Power is a difficult one.

David Kogan

By David Kogan

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