Saying Canadians understand better than most how interconnected the World is also, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared Canada would be part of an effort to address the economic crisis.

He has spoken with leaders in German Chancellor Angela Merkle the Caribbean and French President Emmanuel Macron.

“Canadian jobs and businesses depend on productive and stable Economies in different countries, therefore it matters to us how everyone weathers this storm,” declared Trudeau.

We can not wait for others to act. It is not in our self-interest, and it is just not who we are.

Ottawa has signed a contract with General Motors to fabricate face masks at its centre in Oshawa.

Nobel Laureate Art McDonald has teamed up with the firm, to Create 10,000 ventilators.

Which will bring the number of Canadian-made Ventilators into 40,000.

Brenda Espinoza

By Brenda Espinoza

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